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For general information for Incomings to the University of Vienna, please see the webpages of the International Office of the University of Vienna (Institutional Coordinator). We also recommend the "Erasmus-Forum" on the website of the student union of the law faculty to communicate with other law students. You may also find the ESN Student Network a useful address.


Information for Incoming students concerning your studies at the Law Faculty (Learning Agreement, course selection etc.)


Information Sheet

Learning Agreement – selection of courses

You can find information about the Learning Agreement and the selection of courses here.


It is sufficient that you hand in your Learning Agreement once you have arrived in Vienna - we do not require it beforehand.


Programm Prof Ofner: Please send us your Learning Agreement via email or come to our office hours.

Programm Prof Marboe: Please come to our ERASMUS-office hours.

Programm Prof. Schweighofer:  Please send us your Learning Agreement via email.

Programm Prof. Wieshaider: Please contact Prof. Wieshaider directly.


The department coordinators cannot confirm the participation in language courses, this can only be done by the International-Office.

Course Directory

In the course directory, you can find information to courses, such as the date and time of the course, the language it is held in, number of ECTS, etc. The course directory for the upcoming semester is published online a few weeks before the semester starts (August/January).


Should you require an overview of courses that are offered before the course directory goes online, please look at the course directory of previous semesters. However be aware that not every course is offered every semester and the the courses offered can change from semester to semester.


You can find the course directory for the following semesters here:

Autumn term 2015/16

Spring term 2016

Autumn term 2016/17

Language requirements

For an ERASMUS semester or year at the law faculty the following language requirements are necessary: German (B2) and/or English (B1). We do not require an official certificate but your home university must confirm that you fulfil the language requirement.


Please note that your home university may have other requirements regarding your linguistic skills and confirmation thereof.


Should you wish to study at our faculty in English only please ascertain that sufficient courses are offered in English for your needs (so that you can fulfil requirements of your home university regarding the number of ECTS you need to acquire etc).

Taking Courses Outside of one’s Field of Study

Students who were not nominated to study at the faculty of law are very welcome to take courses at the faculty. The course registration requirements must however be met and the student should discuss the taking of the course with his or her department coordinator at the University of Vienna.


 Please note that you require a separate learning agreement for every field of study outside of that which you were nominated for. The department coordinators may only sign your learning agreement for courses at the faculty of law.

Course Registration

The deadline for the registration for law courses for the autumn term is usually in September and in February for the spring term. Some courses have different registration periods. The deadline for the registration of the individual courses can be found in the course directory.


Depending on the course the registration takes place on U:SPACE, by signing a registration list in the secretariat of the responsible institute, by email or personally during the  introductionary/first course unit. Please visit the course directory for details on each course.


Registration via U:SPACE


Follow the register/deregister link in the course directory (This link can only be used while the registration period is open!). The link may be found in the detailed course description in the course directory.


The registration is successful when after registration is completed the „state“ on U:SPACE  is marked as "angemeldet". 


Should the state be marked as "vorgemerkt" while the registration period is still open, this can be ignored as your registration is still being processed. The registration is successful when after the registration period is closed the state is changed to "angemeldet". This may take a few days. It is therefore not necessary to contact your ERASMUS coordinator.


For courses in which attendance is mandatory the first course unit must be attended. If you miss the first unit without having been excused you will forfeit your place in this course.


If you are put onto the "Warteliste", it is especially important to attend the first unit as you will then be told whether you will be admitted to the course. The number of people accepted from the „warteliste“ depends on the number of those who are „angemeldet“ and do not attend the first course unit or deregister.


For further information to course registration at the University of Vienna, please visit the homepage of the international Office.

Course deregistration

Should you decide to deregister from a course please do so as soon as possible to allow other students to fill your place. Pay attention to the course’s deregistration deadline in the course directory. If you cannot deregister via U:SPACE, send an email to the course’s lecturer.


Failing to deregister may result in a negative grade for this course. 

Transcript of Records

Usually, all grades including the number of ECTS will be published on U:SPACE within one month of the exam. You can print your transcript of records including a digital signature at least until the end of April (Autumn term) or the end of November (Spring term) yourself via U:SPACE.



For further information to the transcript of records  at the University of Vienna, please visit the homepage of the international Office.


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